YoMigo is a new way for groups to pay for events or purchases by splitting the costs in advance. No more IOUs, no more uncertainty. All the merchant has to do is just add our Split with YoMigo button to their checkout page and we’ll take care of the rest.
How It Works
At the checkout

Finalize the event or purchase you want to do with your family or friends on the merchant’s site and then on the final check out page, click the “Split with Yomigo’ button”.

Kick off the purchase

Then you’ll arrive to our platform where we start the purchase. We’ll notify the vendor of the pending sale to lock you in and you’ll give us your group members’ details so we can get them to come and pay.

Collect the payments

Everyone logs in and pays their share and we’ll get the payment to the merchant to finalize the sale..

Enjoy your purchase

Whether it’s an event to show up at or a purchase to wait on, enjoy it a little more knowing there’s nothing more left to do.